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NordicTrack S27i: Tips And Tricks For A Powerful Workout

If you’re looking for a NordicTrack exercise bike that can help you create and conquer a powerful workout, the NordicTrack S27i Studio Bike could be your new favorite fitness buddy. 

That’s not just because this exercise bike has incredible features, impressive tech, and the functionality you need to take cycling to the next level (even though that’s all true). We’re putting the icing on the cake by showing you some of our best tips for stationary bike workouts on the NordicTrack S27i. 

So, grab your riding shoes and your workout playlist—it’s time to pedal!

NordicTrack S27i Exercise Bike Review

In our humble opinion, the NordicTrack S27i Studio Bike is perhaps the best indoor cycling machine on the market. Check out some of our favorite features:

NordicTrack S27i Review –


The first thing you notice about the NordicTrack S27i is its 27” Rotating and Tilting Smart HD Touchscreen. This impressive feature makes the studio cycle look sleek, modern, and welcoming––offering you the chance to fully immerse yourself in every workout. You can also rotate the screen 360°, making it easier to step off the machine for a full-body workout approach.

We’re also big fans of the 30-Watt Premium Audio. Thanks to this marvel of engineering, you can likely hear your playlist or iFIT trainer guidance from across your home gym. That’s great news, because the S27i also comes with a pair of three-pound dumbbells—which means you can hop off the bike for some strengthening training exercises and not miss a beat. However, if you have little ones at home or a partner working remotely, the S27i has Bluetooth® connectivity so you can pump up the volume without disturbing anyone nearby.


The NordicTrack S27i offers 24 digital resistance levels with SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance and a -10% to 20% incline range. What does that mean? Well, for us, it meant taking control of our workout in fresh ways. We loved the freedom to control resistance levels with a single tap (thanks to One Touch® Controls) and using the incline range to make us feel like we were cycling through the hills of Switzerland (thanks for iFIT®). This functionality is part of what makes the S27i Studio Bike a fan favorite at


With a 350 lb. user capacity, adjustable seat and handlebars, and different grip options, the NordicTrack S27i appeals to riders of different fitness and experience levels. It also has a reversible pedal design offering two different ways to keep your feet in place. 


The benefits of stationary cycling don’t necessarily depend on the exercise bike itself; that has a lot to do with your determination, consistency, diet, form, and more. However, it’s fair to say that a better machine—like the NordicTrack S27i—may help you take advantage of those benefits. For example, the S27i Studio Bike has an impressive incline range, allowing you to kick up the intensity in ways you might not achieve when cycling outdoors—especially if you don’t live in an area with hills.

Bonus: NordicTrack S27i iFIT Workout Review

Sure, our NordicTrack S27i review is already glowing—but this studio cycle really won our hearts with iFIT compatibility. 

iFIT is an interactive training tool that can be accessed right from your bike’s screen. You’ll be connected to a library full of incredible workouts led by passionate, welcoming trainers with experience in their fitness fields. Say goodbye to pricey gym programs; with iFIT, you can bring live events, on-demand global workouts, and studio classes right to your home—and you can even take them on the go by downloading the app to your smartphone. It’s interactive fitness reimagined, and it could be at your fingertips with this NordicTrack exercise bike.

iFIT Cycling Workouts

Although you can find just about any type of exercise on iFIT, it’s a particularly good resource for your next cycling workout. That’s because the AutoAdjust™ Technology in the S27i Studio Bike allows your iFIT trainer to control resistance and incline—all without you having to lift a finger. 

When we reviewed the cycling workout options available on iFIT, we noticed there’s a huge variety just waiting to be explored. You can bike through global locations like Switzerland and Costa Rica from the comfort of your home, focus on improving endurance and aerobic fitness, and learn from pro athletes who share plenty of wisdom about exercise and life. 

Of course, we didn’t forget about those dual dumbbells. Luckily, iFIT has strength training and cross-training programs available in addition to cycling, which means we didn’t have to choose just one type of exercise. 

The NordicTrack S27i may be one of our favorite exercise bikes, but it just wouldn’t be the same without iFIT.

iFIT Cycling Workouts –

Tips For Your Next Stationary Bike Workout

Now that you know which exercise bike is ideal (the NordicTrack S27i) and how to get the most out of it (an iFIT workout or 10), it’s time to build your cycling routine. Here are a few of our favorite tips:

Get The Most Out Of iFIT

With so many features and opportunities, it’s easy to wonder how to get started with iFIT once you have your subscription. We recommend focusing on your profile settings first. This is where you’ll enter information like your age, weight, and fitness goals so you can get the most out of iFIT functionality. Once your profile is complete, you’ll have access to bike workouts right from your studio cycle—but you’ll also be able to take iFIT to other devices with the app.

Track Your Progress

The NordicTrack S27i and your iFIT profile can work together to track your fitness progress. This helps give you a visual map of how far you’ve come, what you need to do to achieve your goals, and what differences regular exercise might be making in your life.

Pay Attention To Form

Just about everybody knows how to ride a bike, right? Well, the truth is that not everyone knows how to ride properly, especially during a high-intensity workout. The good news is that iFIT trainers can instruct you on form during your exercise—that way, you don’t have to pause your movements to make sure that foot is positioned correctly or that hand is resting in the best way. Instead, you can just focus on the road (or the screen).

Combine Workout Types

Remember, iFIT isn’t limited to just cycling workouts. You can also explore the iFIT library to find exercise programs for other machines, or even strength training workouts using the dumbbells that come with the S27i Studio Bike. Consider workouts that get you on and off your stationary bike to switch things up, keep your mind engaged, and target various parts of your body.

NordicTrack S27i Tips –

Have Fun With Incline And Resistance

Speed isn’t the only thing you can control during an indoor bike workout. You also have incline and resistance settings to experiment with. While the machine and your trainer will automatically manage these settings during some iFIT programs, you can also take manual control to see what you like and challenge yourself to try something new.

Prepare To Learn

Exercise bike mistakes are a fact of life for anyone new to cycling. Luckily, your iFIT trainers are right there beside you—and so is a community of other iFIT members ready to guide you through all the ups and downs (literally and metaphorically). 

You’ll have to learn other things, too—such as how to adjust your exercise bike seat to make sure you’re riding properly and when your body needs a break. Just remember to be patient with yourself and enjoy the ride.


The NordicTrack S27i Studio Bike has a special place in our hearts, and we hope its incredible resistance, challenging incline range, and iFIT compatibility will win you over as well.

While you’re deciding on the right NordicTrack bike for your home gym, don’t forget to check in for our latest cycling tips and tricks. We’re not just passionate about bikes—we’re passionate about biking, too!

For more information on our favorite exercise bikes, check out our exercise bike buying guide.

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