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iFIT Bike Workout: Turkey Endurance Series

UPDATED, September 13, 2021

Embark on a journey to explore Turkey’s ancient churches and villages without having to leave your home. In the Turkey Endurance Series on iFIT®, trainer Ryan Petry will guide you through 18 bike workouts that include a combination of interval, endurance, train-to-terrain, ladder, and recovery rides. You’ll focus on building your cardiorespiratory strength and stamina all the while exploring some of Turkey’s most historic landmarks along the way. Get ready to see caves, ancient churches, villages, boat docks, castles, fairy chimneys, and more!

As a professional mountain biker and with an undying love for adventure, Ryan makes for the perfect trainer to guide and challenge you throughout this iFIT bike workout series. He uses his knowledge, experience, and energy to encourage all users to push themselves further and harder than they ever have before. 

Not to mention, the mesmerizing and scenic views in this series will make you want to push through until the end. See for yourself:

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Join Ryan Petry, and explore all that Turkey has to offer in this memorable bike workout series! And if you’re new to iFIT, stream global workouts just like this and explore unlimited trainer-led studio workouts free with your own iFIT 30-Day Trial. With the best home exercise bike and innovative virtual training experience at your fingertips, working out is something you can look forward to doing each day!

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